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“Rearranging Reality” Exhibition Opens at John Wayne Airport

(SANTA ANA, CA) – Acclaimed collage artist David Krovblit unveils Rearranging Reality, a solo exhibition at John Wayne Airport from April 2 through July 8, 2024. This captivating showcase features a diverse collection of nearly 20 of Krovblit's original artworks, spanning several key periods of his illustrious career.

David Krovblit is a Southern-California based mixed media artist whose collages have earned international acclaim for their intricate compositions and profound commentary on memory, culture, and identity. With exhibitions across the globe, Krovblit's work offers a powerful narrative on the art of visual storytelling.

Renowned for his innovative collages that blend images and textures to challenge perceptions, Krovblit invites viewers into a world where reality is thoughtfully dissected and reassembled. The exhibition, a curated retrospective, highlights the evolution of Krovblit's art, offering a journey through his creative process and boundary-pushing exploration of collage.

Rearranging Reality encapsulates Krovblit's artistic journey, extending an invitation to audiences to witness the intricacies and beauty of perceiving the world through his unique lens. The exhibition also features a unique display of materials from Krovblit’s studio. This ‘studio table’ view allows visitors to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating the amazing works of art on view. 

The exhibition can be found pre-security on the lower Arrivals Level in the Terminals A & B Baggage Areas.

Learn more about David Krovblit's artistic practice and see his work on Instagram: and on the web:

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