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Classical Meets Contemporary at John Wayne Airport

(SANTA ANA, CA) – Transport yourself to ancient Greece and Rome at John Wayne Airport with Brennan Major Harris’s newest exhibition, Arete & Ergon, on view from January 29, 2024, to February 29, 2024. 

Hailing from Southern California, Harris earned his BA in Studio Art from California State University, Long Beach, where he specialized in drawing and painting. Inspired by the aesthetics and philosophies of Classical Greece and Rome, Brennan Harris seamlessly infuses a contemporary twist into 'classically beautiful' forms.

“This body of work aims to celebrate the refinement that Classic sculptors achieved in their works, blended with a vibrant, abstract aesthetic. Building a bridge through time in paint with invigorating color,” Harris says about the exhibition.

“The balance of rhythmic, non-objective shapes with the eternal, stoic beauty of the cold marble figures is endlessly interesting to me,” he muses, “It is in a way, my attempt to breathe new life into and offer a contemporary context for an ancient beauty and virtuous principles.” 

Guided by the profound ideals of Greek mythology and philosophy, Brennan strives to embody the concepts of Arete and Ergon—the pursuit of excellence through the fulfillment of a purpose and the maximization of potential through dedicated hard work.

Discover Brennan’s artworks online at or follow him on Instagram: @brennan.major.harris.

Arete & Ergon is viewable pre-security Lower level, Terminal B Baggage Claim. 

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