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Meditative Reflections Exhibition Opens at John Wayne Airport

(SANTA ANA, CA) – The John Wayne Airport Arts Program presents Meditative Reflections, on view from October 18 through November 30, 2023. This group show brings together seven Orange County-based abstract artists selected from a large pool of applicants to be featured in this exhibition: Jim Ellsberry, Patrice Goldberg, E.E. Jacks, Sonja Krastman, Tanya Lozano, Erin Schalk, and Thomas Wright.

Much like the practice of meditation, working abstractly challenges the artist to wipe away all preconceived notions of what is and what should be, creating space for them to reflect upon their deepest hopes and intentions.

Oil painter E.E. Jacks captures the raw energy of a scene through her use of vibrant color and thickly applied paint.

Artist Sonja Krastman revisits her early childhood and family heritage by depicting vaguely familiar landscapes. Of her series of paintings on view, Impressions of the High Desert, Krastman says, “I seek to capture the vibrant and evocative power of color I find in the desert.”

The colorful geometric paintings of Huntington Beach artist Thomas Wright address climate change through symbolic compositions that focus on finding the balance between the needs of the natural world and the desires of the human race.

Other significant works on view include those of Anaheim photographer, writer, and educator Erin Schalk. Schalk creates profound abstract portraits of herself and others with disabilities that evoke understanding and celebration.

For some artists, it’s the journey itself rather than the destination that is the goal of creating these masterful works. Whereas other artists featured in this exhibition seek to explore specific poignant themes through their reflections. However, by operating in these non-representational methods, the artists ultimately empower the viewers to take away reflections of themselves.

The entire collection of work is viewable pre-security. Paintings span from the Upper (departure) Level near security in Terminals A, B, and C and on the Lower (arrival) Level by Baggage Carousels 2 and 4.

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