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Experience the Pioneer Spirit

(SANTA ANA, Calif.) – The Orange County Destination Arts and Culture program at John Wayne Airport highlights local cultural landmarks in Orange County for travelers to learn about and add to their travel itinerary. This spring, the Airport partnered with the Moulton Museum in Laguna Hills to share the Pioneer Spirit! 

Meet Lewis and Nellie Gail Moulton and journey into Orange County history at John Wayne Airport. Working with the JWA Arts Program, Moulton Museum has developed an eleven-panel, 792 sq. ft. exhibition housed between Terminals B and C on the departures level. 

The exhibit highlights several of the museum’s main features and displays numerous artifacts and artwork from the collection. While the purpose of the display is to invite travelers to visit the museum in person, it also allows viewers to engage directly with the content through  QR codes, connecting them to historical information, resources, and related stories.

Featured within the display are multiple artists and artwork in various creative techniques. The exhibit will remain on view through the summer. 

Artist Jeff Sewell and his exhibition Back to the Ranch is especially highlighted, featuring a profound 4’x5’ oil painting created specifically for this showcase.

Also featured in the display is the immersive photo-op mural on the exterior of the Museum. Painted by artist Timothy Robert Smith, this stunning 200 ft. masterpiece allows visitors to ‘step into’ pioneer times during their visit to Multon Museum.

For more Orange County history and information about the Moulton Museum, please visit The exhibit is on display pre-security on the upper Departure Level in the walkway Gallery between Terminals B and C. 

To find out more about the John Wayne Airport Arts Program, visit