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Consulate of Mexico Lends "Cuentame Un Cuadro" Gallery to Orange County: Destination Art & Culture Exhibition at John Wayne Airport

(SANTA ANA, Calif.) – John Wayne Airport is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new Orange County: Destination Art & Culture exhibit showcasing Mexican-born artists from Oaxaca, Mexico. The artwork, generously loaned by the Consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana, is a variety of images currently part of the “Cuentame Un Cuadro” collection, including vivid examples of stories conveyed through the painted image. The exhibit will be on display in the pedestrian walkway, connecting Terminals B and C (pre-security) through June 2022.

The exhibition highlights several significant Oaxacan artists and works distinct in each of their styles:

  • Tomás Pineda: Through oil painting, Tomas shares the experiences of his life, such as the coexistence between humans, the fauna and flora of his hometown, even including the daily life in his parent’s house. Through metaphor, he explains the spiritual connection between animals and humans. In his paintings, he illustrates the stories that live in our hearts, believing that memories are hard to erase when one lives to the fullest.
  • Max Sanz: Max Sanz calls humanity’s constant desire to conquer "Lost Paradises", those aspirations we wish to conquer with enthusiasm but believe to be unattainable. As a tribute to those brave enough to have risked walking difficult paths, the trees, colors, and hearts in his paintings tell us that a dream is as big as the road, and, although it could be complicated, there will always be sparks of hope.
  • Jesús Cuevas: With a brush and acrylic paint to describe everyday life in Oaxaca, Jesus Cuevas recounts evenings with loved ones, sharing traditional food and drink. He narrates the festivals that flood the streets with music, dances, and colors depicting linguistic diversity through color. Through areas of color and line, the artist shares his identity.
  • Alejandro Martínez: Alejandro is an accomplished artist at conveying emotions and feelings using the cochineal technique, which he has mastered using natural dyes, textures, and forms. He has interpreted his art by transforming his family stories, identifying and unifying anyone who appreciates his pictorial presentation.

In Santa Ana, Orange County, the Consulate of Mexico acts as the diplomatic entity to serve the Mexican community. The Consulate is also a great advocate to promote Mexican culture and contemporary art. To learn more, visit

The exhibit is located in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal on the Departure (upper) Level in the pedestrian walkway between Terminals B and C before security screening. For more information about the John Wayne Airport Arts Program, visit