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Introspective Art Featured in New Exhibit at John Wayne Airport

(SANTA ANA, CA) – As a professional artist and practicing occupational therapist, Rebecca Bray incorporates art as a tool to improve individuals’ functional abilities and quality of life. Bray’s artwork referencing impressionism and abstract expressionism is inspired by her interpersonal relationships, travels, and nature. It is featured in a new exhibit in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal as part of the John Wayne Airport Community Focus Space through July 15, 2021.

With more than 18 years of painting experience, Bray works primarily with oil and acrylic paint, drawing inspiration from a wide range of art influences, including the Hudson River School, Post-Impressionism, and Abstract Expressionism. She describes herself as an artist who seeks to capture the small moments in life – to reconnect to the human experience, its feelings, nature, and how light is reflected.

Rebecca says, “In a world in which constant information and stimuli are available every minute of the day, it is easy to go through life without ever being present.” Her paintings reflect mediation using art and the artist’s voice to intervene in the forces of social and political events, including various concepts and natural scenes using color, contrast, and interconnected layers expressing her feelings and personal reflection.

Bray has used art as a medium for self-expression for as long as she can remember. She began her formal art training at the age of 13, enrolling in private art lessons, the AP Art Studio design courses, and the California State Summer School for the Arts. Bray received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Practice and Cognitive Science from UC Berkely and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University. Her artwork is featured in juried exhibitions and private collections across the United States, Poland, Israel, and England. To learn more about Rebecca Bray, visit

Bray’s exhibit may be viewed (pre-security) on the Departure (upper) Level near security screening areas in Terminals A, B, and C and on the Arrival (lower) Level adjacent to Baggage Carousels 1 and 4.

For more information about the John Wayne Airport Arts Program, visit