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Anything is ‘Pop’sicle in John Wayne Airport’s Endless Summer Exhibition

(SANTA ANA, CA) – John Wayne Airport’s newest Vi Smith exhibit Endless Summer is a sweet homage to Orange County’s year-round sunshine. This vibrant showcase will be on display from November 10, 2023 to March 10, 2024.

Artists Betsy Enzensberger and Sarah Stieber illustrate a myriad of summer delights in this collaboration, with colorful, melting popsicles to glistening pools just beckoning you to dive in.

Enzensberger is a Southern California-based pop artist celebrated for her whimsical resin sculptures. Her Original Melting Pops™ are a tribute to a cherished childhood summertime delicacy—the popsicle. 

Enzensberger has created 82 brand-new, custom popsicles for the exhibit. The sweet treats are delicately balanced atop one another and adorned with a cherry, seemingly yielding to the embrace of the summer heat. 

Come on in! The water is fine in Stieber’s “Water” series. Sarah Stieber, a contemporary artist from San Diego, California, reflects her colorful, vibrant style in her pool-themed paintings.

The exhibit showcases characters bedecked in sparkling attire and immersed in reflective waters. Their dynamic poses and elaborate costumes evoke a sense of self-assuredness, radiating pride in one's identity. And what better way to embody that sentiment than by striking a confident pose in sequined bathing suits?

The collaborative efforts of Enzensberger and Stieber inspire Terminal guests to bask in the warm summer glow and lean into their summer desires. Whether you're a visitor to Southern California or a local resident, we invite you to relish in these delightful indulgences.  

The exhibition will be on view in the Vi Smith Gallery, in Terminal A. 

Don’t have a boarding pass? No problem! You can access the secure side of John Wayne Airport with an OC AirPASS, a post-security access pass. For more information on how to obtain an OC AirPASS, visit

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