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You Can Look but You Can’t Touch

(SANTA ANA, CA) – 'No Touching' marks the debut exhibit of John Wayne Airport's new Art Coordinator, Heather Bowling, in the Terminal C Vi Smith Gallery from November 10, 2023, to March 10, 2024. This exhibition cleverly plays with the literal notion that the gallery's glass display cases are a barrier between the art and the viewer.

The exhibition showcases a diverse array of artists, each specializing in various forms of fiber arts, soft sculpture, mixed media, and installation art: Debbie Carlson, Alex Gano, Karen Gibson Roc, Margaret Griffith, Barbara Holmes, Flora Kao, Laura Koffman, Olga Lah, Stevie Love, Stephanie Sherwood, Amanda Yamashita, and Threadwinners. United by this dynamic celebration of materiality, every artist transformed a 12'x6' display case, arranging it with a large-scale, site-specific creation.

What tempts a person to want to touch something? Embracing the concept of 'no touching,' these artists approached the theme in a multitude of interpretations, infusing their work with depth and a rich variety of materials. The result is a collection of endlessly fascinating creations despite the physical limitations of the gallery space.

The exhibition will be on view in the Vi Smith Gallery, in Terminal C. 

Don't have a boarding pass? No problem! You can access the secure side of John Wayne Airport with an OC AirPASS, a post-security access pass. For more information on how to obtain an OC AirPASS, visit

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