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Fly Friendly Program "Most Engaging" Category Submission Form

Thank you for participating in John Wayne Airport’s Fly Friendly (FF) program. FF’s software uses automatically collected data to inform most scoring, but our “Most Engaging” category offers GA jet operators the opportunity to earn bonus points by:

  • Independently providing noise abatement education to pilots
  • Distributing FF Toolkit materials in the community
  • Attending community meetings focused on aviation impacts

Educational & Outreach Options Include:

  • Independently providing pilot education about noise abatement using resources available in the FF PowerPoint Presentation and/or our Noise Abatement page
  • Distributing electronic or hard copies of the FF Toolkit to GA jet pilots
  • Promoting general awareness of the Fly Friendly program by sharing materials from the FF Toolkit, such as the pre-written newsletter article and/or social media posts

Community Meeting Options Include:

To apply for bonus points toward your overall weighted score, please complete the form below (where applicable) and submit by December 31, 2022.