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John Wayne Airport Collaboration with Munzón Gallery

(SANTA ANA, CA) – John Wayne Airport is proud to collaborate with Munzón Gallery to present dual exhibitions in the Vi Smith Gallery, Terminal C. Founded by first-generation Angeleno artist Elizabeth Munzón in 2022, Munzón Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in a subsection of Long Beach, California, known as Cambodia Town. 

These exhibitions pair with the newly opened show Symbology in the Vi Smith Gallery, Terminal A.  Over the next four months, the secure side of the Airport will exclusively feature works by Latinx artists, reflecting an intentional effort to uplift and highlight the diverse and authentic Orange County.

This partnership marks the inaugural effort in which JWA will feature current, contemporary regional artwork, spotlighting the vibrant local art scene, with plans for more such collaborations in the future. Regarding the project, curator Heather Bowling says, “I’ve always wanted to partner with Elizabeth. I deeply admire her curatorial eye, her focus on printmaking (a rarely celebrated artform), and her desire to engage the local community.”

Munzón Gallery focuses on painting and printmaking, showcasing the works of emerging and mid-career artists who produce captivating and inclusive art that reflects the spirit of the modern era. Additionally, the gallery offers services geared toward artists in the form of artist studios and a press room equipped with various sizes of printing presses and tools for relief printmaking. The space also features a patio that hosts a collection of rotating murals, all curated by resident studio artist Mister Toledo. 

This dual exhibition features a selection of work by artists represented by Munzón Gallery: Chris Estrada, Mark Anthony Hocutt, Edgar Martinez, Baby Mueller, Elizabeth Munzon, Mister Toledo, Jacqueline Valenzuela, and Josh Vasquez, with multiple pieces from each artist on view. Concurrently on view is an extension of Generaciones (Generations), a group exhibition co-curated by Mister Toledo. The main exhibition will take place at Munzón Gallery in Long Beach, CA, on view through May 18th, 2024.

Generaciones invites viewers to delve into the collective narrative of Latinx artists navigating their distinct paths of American upbringing while preserving their heritage. Through various mediums, the exhibition explores the complexities of assimilating into new societal landscapes while safeguarding ancestral customs, a poignant reflection on the delicate balance between adaptation and tradition.

This exhibition, located post-security in the Terminal C Vi Smith Gallery, between Gates 19 and 22, will be on view through August 23, 2024. Anyone from the public without a boarding pass can obtain an OCAirPass to visit the exhibition. 

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