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Bringing a Splash of Color to John Wayne Airport

(SANTA ANA, CA) – Southern Californian painter Natasha Rindt brings her colorful personality to John Wayne Airport in the latest Community Focus Space exhibit, Cultivating Chromatic Joy, from January 29, 2024, to February 29, 2024. 

Natasha lays the foundation of her artwork by creating multi-dimensional canvases in her woodshop. She states, “As a painter and canvas maker from Southern California, bright and sunny landscapes have always inspired me, and my favorite color has always been rainbow.”

Rindt uses personalized tools to create her artwork, including a “mega brush,” a fusion constructed of multiple paint brushes for enhanced blending and recycled masking tape pieces across various projects to craft unique color schemes.

“Painting allows me to enter another realm where all the chatter of the world disappears, and I can enjoy the beauty of existence purely through colors and shapes,” Rindt expresses.

This sentiment is vividly depicted in Rindt’s Odd Shape series. In 2022, she ingeniously crafted her inaugural oddly-shaped painting on a hand-built canvas, skillfully weaving in an optical illusion.

To explore Natasha's art process further, watch videos, browse available artwork, and learn how to paint your own chromatic joy, visit her website at For behind-the-scenes glimpses, follow her on social media: Instagram, @tashavision or TikTok, @tashavision.

Cultivating Chromatic Joy is viewable pre-security Lower level, Terminal A Baggage Claim. 

For more information about the John Wayne Airport Arts Program,