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New Permit Requirements

Permit Documents

The following documents are required for your permit and must be uploaded as part of the online application process. Before beginning the application process, please print and reference this checklist to make sure all the required documents are available.

Permit Requirements Checklist

  • Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Certificate  


    (not applicable for Courtesy Operators) 
    All commercial charter operating companies must hold a valid PUC Permit from the PUC in order to work legally in California.

  • Operating Permit
    An operating permit is required for dropping off or picking up passengers at JWA.
    • Charter Operators must read and sign the Charter Permit  

    • Courtesy Operators must read and sign the Courtesy Permit  

    • Door-to-Door licenses are not currently being accepted. Door-to-Door Operators that would like to operate as a Charter Operator are required to obtain to hold a TCP permit with the PUC, and must read and sign the Charter Permit.
  • Security Deposit
    All applicants must submit a security deposit when applying for a JWA Operating Permit.
    • Your required deposit is calculated with this formula:
      Number of Monthly Trips × 3 months × $3
      Use our security deposit calculator to see what your required security deposit will be.
      The required minimum deposit is $100
    • Security Deposit Payments can be made via:
      • US Mail with a Check; write checks payable to John Wayne Airport
      • In-person with either Cash, Check or Credit 
  • Vehicle Registration(s) and Picture(s)
    • Provide unexpired DMV Registration(s) for all vehicle(s) in your fleet that includes (color, type of vehicle, model, # of passengers , and if applicable, the Transponder # issued by another Airport).  

    • A picture is required for each one of your company vehicle(s).  


Insurance Documents

Commercial Auto Liability Certificate of Insurance 

Policy Limits 
7 passengers or less$750,000
8-15 passengers$1,500,000
16+ passengers$5,000,000

Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance 

Policy Limits 
Workers CompensationStatutory
Employers Liability$1,000,000

Or if NO employees, submit the Workers Compensation Waiver 

Complete Permit Application Form

Once you have prepared all required documents as listed on this page, please continue the application process below.

Permit Application Form  

Security Deposit Calculator

Security Deposit Calculator

Monthly trips × 3 months × $3.

Enter estimated number of monthly trips above

Your deposit:
$100 (minimum)