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Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV Noise Abatement Procedure
Santa Ana, John Wayne/Orange County, California (KSNA)

During any operations at Santa Ana, the following Noise Abatement procedures are required:

Daytime Hours

Departures 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday] – 10:00 PM
Arrivals 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday] – 11:00 PM
 No restrictions

Nighttime Hours

Departures 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday]
Arrivals 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday]


  1. Limit aircraft weight to 62,000 lbs for takeoff.

  2. Utilize Min/Rated EPR and 20° flaps for all takeoffs.
    Align the aircraft on the runway as close to the departure end as feasible.
    Release brakes and advance power levers to Min EPR.
    At VR, promptly rotate aircraft to a 13° nose-up attitude.
    Upon obtaining a positive rate of climb, retract landing gear and
    accelerate to and maintain VFS, (minimum 13° pitch attitude).

  3. At 500 feet AGL, retract flaps to 0° and reduce power to 1.38 EPR.

  4. Execute SID and/or departure instructions as closely as possible and
    continue climb to 3,000 feet.

  5. At 3,000 ft, establish normal climb EPR.


Limit Weight to 50,000 lbs and fly the approach at 39° flaps.

Source: Aircraft manufacturer

Airport Access and Noise Office: