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Gulfstream 280

Gulfstream 280 Noise Abatement Procedure
Santa Ana, John Wayne/Orange County, California (KSNA)

During any operations at Santa Ana, the following Noise Abatement procedures are required:

Daytime Hours

Departures 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday] – 10:00 PM
Arrivals 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday] – 11:00 PM
 No restrictions

Nighttime Hours

Departures 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday]
Arrivals 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday]


  1. Limit aircraft weight to 33,000 lbs for takeoff.
  2. Make sure that APU is OFF.
  3. Utilize Flaps 10° for all takeoffs.
    1. Pre-takeoff: Plan takeoff using manual throttles set to TO/GA N1 (i.e. thrust levels full forward).
    2. Align the aircraft as close to the departure end of the runway as feasible.
    3. Hold brakes and advance thrust levers to 77% N1 and note thrust lever position.
    4. Release brakes and rapidly advance thrust levers to the forward stops.
    5. At VR, promptly rotate aircraft to a 17˚ nose-up attitude.
    6. Upon positive rate of climb, retract the landing gear.
    7. Maintain 17˚ pitch attitude while accelerating to VSE.
    8. At 400 feet AGL, simultaneously:
      • Reduce thrust levers to 77% N1
      • Set pitch attitude to maintain VSE during climb out (no lower than 12˚ pitch attitude).
  4. Select Flaps UP no slower than VSE – 10.
  5. Maintain VSE during climb out.
  6. Execute SID and/or departure instructions as closely as possible and continue climb to 3000 feet.
  7. At 3000 feet select auto-throttles (as desired) and accelerate to normal departure speed.


  1. Limit weight to 28,000 lbs.
  2. APU must be OFF.
  3. Fly a normal approach and landing with Flaps LND.

Source: Aircraft manufacturer

Airport Access and Noise Office: