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Noise Abatement

John Wayne Airport (SNA) is one of the most noise sensitive airports in the United States. The Airport is located in the center of Orange County, California, surrounded by several residential communities. To mitigate potential noise impacts from aircraft operations, the Airport maintains some of the most stringent noise rules in the United States.

The General Aviation Noise Ordinance (GANO) has been adopted by the County of Orange to regulate the hours of operation and the maximum permitted noise levels associated with general aviation operations. Compliance with the GANO is mandatory unless deviations are made necessary by ATC instructions, a medical or in-flight emergency, or other safety considerations.


For information on the Fly Friendly Program, please click here.

General Aviation VFR Traffic Pattern Procedure

The voluntary Visual Flight Rules traffic pattern procedure is designed to provide a departure flight path that to the extent possible avoids residential areas and reduces the impact of aircraft operations on the community. Cooperation in minimizing noise in these areas by adhering to the preferred flight track is greatly appreciated. (This noise abatement procedure should be used only when consistent with the safe operation of aircraft.)

General Aviation VFR Traffic Pattern Procedure

Gulfstream/Lear Noise Procedures