Into the Wild

(SANTA ANA, CA) – The John Wayne Airport Arts Program presents Into the Wild, a group exhibition of painting and photography comprised of six Orange County artists: Dennis Carrie, Paul Garcia, Chris Ho, William Knauer, Donald Krotee, and Nikita Young, from August 25 through October 5, 2023.

Through the medium of lens and brush strokes, each artist guides viewers to behold Mother Nature from a different perspective — one that encapsulates serene moments of beauty and solitude in the natural world.  

Painters Donald Krotee and William Knauer depict the tranquility of humanity’s coexistence with nature. Krotee’s watercolors trace the course of meandering waterways, unveiling an array of captivating settings. Knauer’s artistry captures the serenity and splendor of European destinations, devoid of human presence but enriched by their architectural marvels, seamlessly integrated into lush hillsides.

Dennis Carrie's coastal scenes offer a tranquil escape, inviting viewers to pause from their bustling lives and find solace in the distant waves. Paul Garcia's inventive angles evoke the feeling of gazing through redwood branches, encouraging viewers to peer through the tops of trees. Both artists seamlessly transport the viewer to moments of peace.  

Also on view are Nikita Young’s oil paintings, beautifully detailed, hyper realistic snapshots of flora and fauna. These intimate paintings evoke genuine appreciation of and kinship with the subject. Chris Ho’s traditional style Chinese ink paintings reflect a timeless reverence for wildlife. Ho’s piece Gold Fish depicts a trio of vivid red fish with playfully spotted tails, swimming in an ambiguous blue green space, encouraging viewers to focus on the beauty and pattern of their scales. Take in these intimate details and more throughout the exhibition. 

The entire collection of work is viewable pre-security. Paintings span from the upper Departure Level near security in Terminals A, B, and C and on the lower Arrivals Level by Baggage Carousels 2 and 4.  

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