Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation CenterA variety of ground transportation options are available at John Wayne Airport (JWA) conveniently connecting the Airport to surrounding hotels, tourist attractions, businesses and residences.

Most ground transportation services pick up travelers in the Ground Transportation Center (GTC), located on the Arrival (lower) Level in the central area between the A2 and B2 Parking Structures. Within easy walking distance from all baggage claim areas, it can be reached from the Thomas F. Riley Terminal by crossing the Airport roadway at the traffic light near the John Wayne Statue. Car rental pick-up and return is located on the Ground Level of the GTC. Passengers arriving in Terminal C can catch the Main Street Parking Shuttle, iShuttle, or a Yellow Cab at Column 14. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) bus stop is located on the Terminal side near Column 9.

Lyft, Uber and Wingz are permitted to pick up and drop off passengers at John Wayne Airport and are available by reservation only. Please visit the Ride Apps page for details.

Travelers are advised to familiarize themselves with California Driving Law, e.g. child safety seat laws, before using ground transportation services.

We offer the following details about ground transportation services to help you plan your trip:

Buses & Trains - A list of scheduled bus companies, their reservation phone numbers and links to their website, as well as information about trains and local train stations.

Limousines - Information about limousine service with a link to the yellow pages.

Rental Cars - A list of on-site and off-site licensed rental car companies, their reservation phone numbers and links to their website.

Shuttles - A list of on-call (door-to-door) licensed shuttle companies, their reservation phone numbers and links to their website.

Taxis - Information and a toll-free phone number of the licensed taxi company.

Lyft, Uber and Wingz - A list of licensed ride app companies and links to their website.

Ground Transportation Map - A map of the Ground Transportation Center.


ADA Requirements

Attention John Wayne Airport Ground Transportation Provider, in accordance with the applicable operating permit or contract all Ground Transportation Operators must meet the requirements of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

Read carefully, not all information below applies to all company types.

  • Buses, hotel-shuttles, rent-a-car shuttles, employee shuttles, taxis, limos, Door-to-Door shuttles, demand responsive systems (“Transportation Network Carriers” or “TNCs”), and similar services must utilize accessible vehicles, or provide equivalent facilitation, as applicable.
  • Buses, hotel shuttles, rent-a-car shuttles, employee shuttles, and similar services must have signage explicitly indicating priority seating for people with disabilities and elderly persons.
  • All airport-operated and licensed private fixed-route operators (buses, hotel-shuttles, rent-a-car shuttles, employee shuttles, and similar services) must make arrival and destination stop announcements,[1] for example:
    • “Next destination:  John Wayne Airport;”
    • “Now arriving at:  Terminal A, John Wayne Airport;”
    • “Next destination:  Hotel Luxurious.”

Title 49 also requires John Wayne Airport to ensure that the Airport, our tenants, and Ground Transportation Providers always meet ADA requirements. To that end, on occasion John Wayne Airport may randomly review select Ground Transportation Providers for compliance review. Non-compliance may lead to corrective action in accordance with the applicable operating permit or contract. Additional information can be found at the following link.

Accessible Transportation at Airports – Private Providers

[1] 49 C.F.R. §§ 37.33, 37.167.