GA Noise Abatement

Gates Learjet 23/24/25 Series Noise Abatement Procedure
Santa Ana, John Wayne/Orange County, California (KSNA)

Daytime Hours Only
Departures: 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday] – 10:00 PM
Arrivals: 7:00 AM [8:00 AM Sunday] – 11:00 PM


When in noise-sensitive areas, the following noise abatement procedure is recommended:

  1. Set takeoff power prior to brake release.
  2. Perform normal takeoff through rotation and liftoff.
  3. Establish and maintain initial climb speed of V2+ 20 KIAS.
    This climb speed will normally require an 18 º to 20º pitch attitude.
    Limit pitch attitude to 20º for passenger comfort.

  4. Perform thrust cutback to 90% RPM at 400 to 1000 feet AGL depending upon local airport noise sensitivity.
    Under some ambient conditions, the cutback thrust setting may not provide the required climb gradient in the event of an engine failure. If an engine should fail, advance remaining engine thrust to takeoff EPR.

  5. Continue climb at the above conditions until clear of noise-sensitive area or 3000 feet AGL.
    Then set climb thrust and accelerate.
  6. Retract flaps at V2+ 30 KIAS and accelerate for normal climb.

Source: Aircraft manufacturer


Prior to first time operation, submit letter which states that you are aware of, and will comply with, the specific noise abatement procedures above.

Airport Access and Noise Office: (949) 252-5185
(949) 252-5178 (fax)