AirPAWS(SM) Therapy Dogs

AirPAWS Therapy Dogs

Press conference with therapy dogs for new AirPAWS program

John Wayne Airport launched its new AirPAWS Therapy Dog Program on February 26, 2020. The program, in partnership with Orange County Animal Allies, brings trained therapy dogs to the Thomas F. Riley Terminal to help make travel more enjoyable.

Research has shown that interacting with therapy dogs can provide physical and mental health benefits, including reducing anxiety and stress, and helping aid in relaxation. Travelers often take comfort in being able to pet a furry friend, and our new therapy dogs will be sure to bring a smile to our guests.

OC Animal Allies is comprised of human and dog ambassadors volunteering their time at the Airport. These 4-legged ambassadors will roam throughout the Airport greeting interested guests and providing joy to those who want to hug, smooch or photograph them.

For more information about OC Animal Allies, or to find out how you can become a certified volunteer handler please visit