Ground Transportation

John Wayne Airport (JWA) requires a Ground Transportation Permit for commercial passenger pick-up from JWA. If you are interested in providing this service, please download the appropriate permit packet listed below and submit the completed packet to the JWA Landside Administration Office.

Owners and/or drivers of ground transportation companies without a proper permit are subject to citation by the Orange County Sheriff's Department if an unauthorized passenger pick-up is taking place.


Permit Application Request
Complete and submit the Application Form to start the permit process.

Company Contact Information Updates
Fill out this form for any contact information that needs updated.

Vehicle Fleet List Updates
Complete and submit a vehicle fleet list to keep your vehicle information updated at John Wayne Airport.

Cancel My GT Account
Complete and submit this if you no longer wish to pick up or drop off passengers at John Wayne Airport.

JWA Landside Office Inquiries
This form provided is for Ground Transportation Operators that have inquiries for the JWA Landside Office.

Workmen’s Comp Waiver
The WC Waiver form must be filled in, scanned/printed, and emailed to the Insurance Department, Erika Cortina, at

Note: The signature page of the Permit Application Packet and the Security Deposit payment must be submitted via US Mail or by Hand Delivery to the following address. Please include your company name:

John Wayne Airport/Landside Administration
18601 Airport Way, Suite 116
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Attention: Kathy Davis Duran


Please open and read the link below to better understand the rules and regulations at John Wayne Airport. The Ground Transportation rules and regulations are listed under section 12:

ADA Requirements

Attention John Wayne Airport Ground Transportation Provider, in accordance with the applicable operating permit or contract all Ground Transportation Operators must meet the requirements of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

Read carefully, not all information below applies to all company types.

  • Buses, hotel-shuttles, rent-a-car shuttles, employee shuttles, taxis, limos, Door-to-Door shuttles, demand responsive systems (“Transportation Network Carriers” or “TNCs”), and similar services must utilize accessible vehicles, or provide equivalent facilitation, as applicable.
  • Buses, hotel shuttles, rent-a-car shuttles, employee shuttles, and similar services must have signage explicitly indicating priority seating for people with disabilities and elderly persons.
  • All airport-operated and licensed private fixed-route operators (buses, hotel-shuttles, rent-a-car shuttles, employee shuttles, and similar services) must make arrival and destination stop announcements,[1] for example:
    • “Next destination:  John Wayne Airport;”
    • “Now arriving at:  Terminal A, John Wayne Airport;”
    • “Next destination:  Hotel Luxurious.”

Title 49 also requires John Wayne Airport to ensure that the Airport, our tenants, and Ground Transportation Providers always meet ADA requirements. To that end, on occasion John Wayne Airport may randomly review select Ground Transportation Providers for compliance review. Non-compliance may lead to corrective action in accordance with the applicable operating permit or contract. Additional information can be found at the following link.

FAA ADA Requirements

[1] 49 C.F.R. §§ 37.33, 37.167.