Permit Application


Permit Application Request
To start a permit process for your company, you must:

  1. Print and gather the required documents listed on the check-off list shown in the link above.
  2. Complete and submit the Permit Application and Documents as requested in the link above.

Permit Document Samples (Required)
Operator permits, insurance documents and sample documents can be found here.

Submit Documents
Upload completed documents here.


Contact Information Updates (Active Accounts Only)
Fill out this form for any contact information that needs updated.

Vehicle Information Updates (Active Accounts Only)
Complete and submit a vehicle fleet list to keep your vehicle information updated at John Wayne Airport.

Account Cancellation Request
Complete and submit this if you no longer wish to pick up or drop off passengers at John Wayne Airport.

Inquiries (Comments / Questions / Concerns)
This form provided is for Ground Transportation Operators that have inquiries for the JWA Landside Office.

Ground Transportation Trip Details (Active Accounts Only)

Rules and Regulations

Please open and read the link below to better understand the rules and regulations at John Wayne Airport. The Ground Transportation rules and regulations are listed under section 12: