Meet with general aviation users/stakeholders to solicit input

March - Dec 2015

Retain consultant support to conduct engineering/environmental review

Sept 2016

Conduct preliminary engineering and environmental analysis

2016 - 2017

Draft EIR Public Review

Sept - Nov 2018

Present GAIP and EIR for Board of Supervisors approval

May 2019

Certification of Final EIR and supporting Resolutions

June 2019

Request for Proposal issued for FBO leases

Sept 2019

Proposals Due

Dec 2019

Airport Commission Meeting

Aug 2020

Board of Supervisors selects FBO's

Aug 2020

Negotiations of Terms with selected FBOs

Aug 2020

Board award of leases to FBO Operators

Sept 2020

FAA Review and Approval

June – Sept 2022

FBO Development Plan Review & Permitting

June 2022 – July 2023

Clay Lacy and Jay’s Air Center Construction

2023 – 2025