Thomas F. Riley Terminal 25th Anniversary

September 16, 2015, marked the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Thomas F. Riley Terminal.

Thomas F. Riley

Thomas F. Riley
A retired Marine Corps Brigadier General, Thomas F. Riley served 20 years on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. The Terminal was named after the former Fifth District Supervisor whose role in community negotiations resulted in the landmark John Wayne Airport Settlement Agreement and, ultimately, in construction of the Terminal complex. The Thomas F. Riley Terminal (Riley Terminal) opened to the public on September 16, 1990.



Thomas F. Riley Terminal 25th Anniversary Logo JWA, owned and operated by the County of Orange, has developed a yearlong campaign designed to celebrate the anniversary of the Thomas F. Riley Terminal. The campaign will build awareness of the people and programs that have made the Terminal successful and highlight the role the Terminal and the Airport play in the Orange County community.