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By downloading images and/or video from the JWA Digital Asset Library found at, you agree to the following usage policy and bear full responsibility for use/publication of JWA Digital Assets.

Authorized Uses Of Digital Assets

Unauthorized/Prohibited Uses Of Digital Assets (Unless Authorized In Writing By John Wayne Airport) Including But Not Limited To:

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Modification/Alteration of digital assets is prohibited without prior written approval of John Wayne Airport.

Duration Of Use:

Unless otherwise stated, duration of usage shall not exceed one year from the original date of download. Additional and subsequent use may be requested on


All digital assets are the property of John Wayne Airport and protected by the laws of copyright. Unless otherwise specified images shall contain any of the following credits near the photo: “©John Wayne Airport” or “Courtesy John Wayne Airport.” Reproductions shall include a byline as provided on the image. If no credit is listed, use ©2014 John Wayne Airport. Web use should include link to


By downloading images and/or videos from the JWA Digital Asset Library, you agree to indemnify, defend with counsel approved in writing by County of Orange, and hold County/John Wayne Airport, its elected and appointed officials, officers, employees and agents harmless from any claims, demands or liability of any kind or nature arising from the use of images and/or Videos downloaded from the JWA Digital Asset

For commercial filming and photography on Airport property, please visit Filming & Photography.