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New Technologies at JWA Improve Passenger and Airline Check-In Process

One of the most exciting and customer-friendly elements of John Wayne Airport's Improvement Program was the implementation of a Common Use Passenger Processing System, also known as CUPPS. John Wayne Airport (JWA) is the first airport in the United States to implement this new state-of-the-art technology, designed to improve the check-in and boarding processes for both passengers and airlines, throughout all of its terminals.

The CUPPS project included the installation of new hardware, software, cabinetry or "millwork" and LED/LCD screens which display up-to-the minute arrival and departure information throughout the Thomas F. Riley Terminal.

User-friendly CUPPS kiosks, located in Terminals A, B and C, allow passengers to utilize any self-serve kiosk to check-in and print boarding passes - regardless of which terminal they’re in or which airline they’re flying. Passengers needing to check bags with a ticket agent can do so easily using the CUPPS kiosks at the new ADA-compliant ticket counters.

CUPPS technology has also been installed at every gate in the Riley Terminal. Before CUPPS, airlines could only use a gate that had been wired for its own proprietary computer system. Now, any airline can use any gate - providing greater flexibility and efficiency. New digital signage pylons at the gates directing arriving passengers to their baggage carousel are also part of the CUPPS program.

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