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Titan Air Installs Advertising at JWA

 Completed advertising space, by Titan Air,
Completed advertising space by
Titan Air in Baggage Claim

New advertising displays are now being installed throughout the Riley Terminal by Titan Air, one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies. Titan Air was selected by the Orange County Board of Supervisors after a competitive bidding process to develop, manage and operate the advertising concession program at John Wayne Airport.

Ads will be presented in new state-of-the-art displays and technology, including static displays such as Completed advertising space by dioramas, spectaculars and wall wraps, and will be seen throughout the Riley Terminal. Impacts of the installation on passengers are expected to be minimal, but you may see some construction activities as the new advertising is being installed. The project is expected to be completed by the end of October.

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Dine, Shop and Discover JWA

Other new signage throughout the Riley Terminal includes the Airport’s new “Dine, Shop & Discover” displays.  These poster stands hold our Airport Guides, which provide helpful airport information including guides to Airport Art, Concessions and the Airport in general.  These guides are free to the traveling public, and are available at Information Booths in the baggage claim areas, as well as throughout the Riley Terminal concourse.


John Wayne Airport Guide
Airport Guide

John Wayne Airport Art Guide
Arts Guide

John Wayne Airport Concessions Guide
Concessions Guide


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