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Airline Capacity Allocations

The "capacity allocation" process at JWA refers to a unique set of steps by which operating capacity is requested, reviewed and allocated to the commercial carriers that operate at the Airport. At JWA, "capacity" generally refers to: 1) aircraft remain overnight parking positions (RONs); (2) average daily departures (ADDs); and (3) passenger seats. Each of these types of capacity is allocated by the County to the airlines within the very strict parameters established by the Settlement Agreement and the Phase 2 Commercial Airline Access Plan and Regulation (Access Plan). For airlines, the allocation process at JWA is unique among U.S. airports.

 Airlines serving at john Wayne Airport

The capacity allocation process begins each year in July when the Airport Director asks all incumbent airlines, and any airlines on the Airport’s waiting list, to submit their requests for each capacity category for the next calendar year. Once those requests are received, they are reviewed by JWA’s Access and Noise staff. While the allocation of “RONs” and ADDs are fairly straightforward, the calculation of the "Seat" allocation is a little more complicated.

When the airlines make their requests for seat capacity they consider a number of factors, including the number of seats available on the specific aircraft type they intend to operate and how often the flight will operate (days per week). For a daily operation by a Boeing 737-700 aircraft, the calculation looks like this:

136 seats (B737-700) x 365 (days) x 2 (arrival and departure) = 99,280seats

The Airport takes an additional step and translates those seats into the number of passengers anticipated for that flight by including a projected load factor (the average number of seats filled) and seat utilization (reflecting flights that don’t operate due to schedule changes and cancellations):

99,280 seats x .787 (load factor) x 0.9 (seat utilization) = 73,715 passengers

It is important to remember that the Airport does not allocate passengers, but we do have a limit on the number of passengers we can serve. The calculation from seats to passengers allows us to ensure that compliance with the passenger limit can be achieved.

After all the airlines' requests have been analyzed, they are combined, summarized and presented to the Board of Supervisors with formal recommendations for the allocation of operating capacity for the following calendar year. Capacity allocations for 2014 were considered and approved by the Board on October, 1, 2013. The Board’s decision is communicated to the airlines who can then make flight schedules available to the public beginning the following January.

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