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Construction Update

While John Wayne Airport's (JWA) new Terminal C and Parking Structure C opened to the public over 18 months ago, the Airport is still making improvements to ensure our facilities remain top-notch and of the highest quality.  Most of our construction projects are taking place behind the scenes, but you might notice a few new updates at JWA:

  • New numbered column wraps New numbered column wraps with color coordinated terminal locationswith color coordinated terminal locations have been installed on the terminal roadway.  Visitors to the Airport will be able to direct vehicles picking up passengers on the lower roadway to a specific location, for example "blue column, number 12," which would correspond to the mid-Terminal B arrivals area.

  • Construction on refurbishing and repaving portions of the airport perimeter road has begun. As part of repairing the 20+ year old airport service road, a new fence will be installed along the northwest corner of the airfield.

  • Construction of JWA's new Maintenance Building will begin this summer as well, on the design/build project located on west side of the airfield, north of the control tower.

  • A newly constructed Animal Relief Area Animal Relief Areacan be found on the Arrival (lower) Level outside of Terminal C near the entrance to Parking Structure C.  Another Animal Relief Area is located on the Arrival (lower) Level outside of Terminal A near the entrance to Parking Structure A1.  Owners are asked to clean up after their animals, using the waste disposal bags and receptacle provided.

  • Construction has begun on a new Airport concession.  Brookstone and XpresSpa, located across from Gate 10, are slated to open later this summer, completing the build out of the JWA Concessions Program.

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