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The 2010 Census – Everyone Counts!

Orange County is joining with many other local governments and community organizations to encourage complete participation in the 2010 Census. Why? Because a great deal is at stake for those who live and work in Orange County.

Census 2010The Census is a count of the nation’s population that determines how more than $4 trillion will be allocated to local and state governments over the next 10 years. To make sure that funding is fairly and accurately distributed, it is important to count everybody, count them only once, and count them in the right place. Census information also helps to shape decisions about public health, housing, transportation, education, senior services and much more. Finally, the Census helps to determine which states gain or lose representation in Congress and the information is used for redistricting of local and state elected offices, like the Board of Supervisors and the California Legislature.

Census forms in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian, as well as language guides in 59 languages, will be available on request.

With one of the shortest questionnaires in history, the 2010 Census asks for name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship information, and whether you own or rent your home. The form takes about 10 minutes for the average household to complete. Responses to the 2010 Census are used for statistical purposes only and are strictly confidential.

As the 2010 Census grows nearer, encourage your co-workers, family, friends and clients to accurately complete and promptly return their Census forms. We’re counting on them being counted so that Orange County gets its fair share of funding and is properly represented on the state and national levels.

To get a full and accurate count, Census representatives have been working with community groups and organizations, both small and large, to reach as many individuals as possible. From schools to senior centers and from churches to city halls, the message of the importance of the Census is being spread far and wide. Here are a few key messages to remember:

  • The 2010 Census is just ten questions and will take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • One person can complete the form for everyone who lives at the address.
  • The Census form has space to list up to twelve individuals.
  • Everyone should be counted, including infants and children.
  • Information provided on the Census form is confidential.

Recognizing the importance of each individual, the slogan adopted by the California Complete Count Committee is “Be Californian. Be Counted.” Census forms began arriving at local addresses in mid-March, so watch for your form in the mail. Every form that is promptly completed and returned saves money and helps to ensure that Orange County is closer to achieving a complete and accurate count of our population.

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