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The John Wayne Airport Improvement Program Web site has been recently updated with detailed information about the program, including project, team and scheduling information, as well as construction photos and videos.

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Construction Update

Spring 2010 brings exciting developments in the Airport Improvement Program! Over 1,400 piles were successfully driven and nearly 10,000 cubic yards of concrete have been poured to help form the foundation of the new facilities.

The construction of Terminal C is really “taking off.” The steel skeleton of Terminal C will soon be visible from the airfield and from the upper level roadways, allowing passengers and visitors to JWA to see construction progress first hand.

Aerial view of construction at JWA, January 2010
Aerial view of construction at JWA, January 2010.

The existing modular South Commuter Hold Room reopened early April after a temporary closure necessitated by construction in the area and will remain open until the completion of the new permanent South Commuter Hold Room, planned for late 2011. The entrance ramp has been redesigned and offers a convenient direct route from the Terminal building to the modular facility. A similar ramp is being planned for the North Commuter Hold Room to accommodate construction there as well.

Construction on Parking Structure C is also making great strides. At press time, three of five decks of the parking structure are visible, with much of the concrete, structural elements, and framework in place. Parking Structure C will be the first concrete parking structure ever to be built in the United States utilizing the seismic retrofitting technique known as “Buckling Restraint Bracing,” a form of stabilization that allows much more stability and weight to be distributed throughout the structure in the event of seismic activity.

Cement pour on level two of Parking Structure C
Cement pour taking place on level two of Parking Structure C. Thousands of feet of electrical conduit and rebar is visible in the foreground, about to be covered in concrete.

The new Central Utility Plant will provide the Riley Terminal complex with 95% of its power needs. The natural gas fueled generators were set into place late March and will provide both power and chilled water. The foundation and much of the structural elements have been completed, and can be seen by those driving along the lower roadway.

Installation of one of four Central Utility Plant generators
Installation of one of four Central Utility Plant generators as it is lifted into place by a crane.

The Airport appreciates the patience of passengers, visitors, and neighbors during this period of construction. We would like to remind all those driving in the vicinity to please drive safely and slowly – and remember – Airport Police Services strictly enforces speed limits, especially in construction zones.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to learn more about the Airport Improvement Program, please visit our Web site at

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