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John Wayne Airport Passenger Travel

Domestic air passenger levels continue to reflect the tough times and consumer caution that characterize so much of the current US economy. The Department of Transportation reports that US airlines carried 3.2% fewer domestic passengers in July 2009 than the previous year. In the Southern California area, most airports continue to report drops in passenger levels. Comparing August 2008 with August 2009 statistics, passenger levels declined at Burbank by 17.2%, at Long Beach by 6.6%, at Los Angeles International by 3.8%, at Ontario by 24.3% and at San Diego International Airport by 6%. The happy exception to this trend was John Wayne Airport.

The Airport reported a slight increase in passengers from August 2008 to August 2009 and a full 3.1% increase in September 2009 compared with the previous year. As was the case when the Airport recovered earlier than most domestic airports from the decline in passenger levels following the events of 9/11, JWA appears to be recovering from the economic downturn more quickly than many other US airports. The quality and diversity of the carriers serving the Airport, when combined with the strength and resiliency of the Orange County market, are clearly helping boost service levels.

With the winter holidays just weeks away, JWA is looking forward to a bustling travel season and to doing our part to help Orange County’s economy thrive.

John Wayne Airport August 2008 through August 2009 Passenger Traffic

JWA Passenger Traffic August 2008: 833,655 total passengers September 2008: 687,603 total passengers October 2008: 731,985 total passengers November 2008: 649,486 total passengers December 2008: 689,589 total passengers January 2009: 592,370 total passengers February 2009: 583,016 total passengers March 2009: 713,196 total passengers April 2009: 722,797 total passengers May 2009: 739,093 total passengers June 2009: 785,878 total passengers July 2009: 821,905 total passengers August 2009: 833,962 total passengers

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