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2009 JWA Passenger Survey

As part of our ongoing effort to provide superior customer service, John Wayne Airport (JWA) conducts biannual passenger surveys to measure traveler preferences and satisfaction. We have completed our 2009 survey and are pleased to make it available on our Web site: This report presents results from the “Intercept” survey conducted with visitors and Orange County residents in the Riley Terminal and a “Telephone” survey of Orange County residents.

Figure 7: Opinions About JWA (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009) - bar chart

The 2009 Passenger Survey confirms that John Wayne Airport continues to earn very high approval ratings from travers - visitors and residents alike. Based on responses from both the Intercept and Telephone surveys, we identified a number of interesting findings, including:

  • Ninety-six percent of Telephone respondents (Orange County residents) feel that “JWA provides excellent travel services and is a great asset to Orange County” or that “John Wayne Airport facilities and services are good and meet my travel needs.”
  • Both Telephone and Intercept respondents gave higher overall marks to JWA in 2009 than in previous years. Ninety-eight percent of Intercept respondents and 95% of Telephone respondents graded overall satisfaction with the Airport either an “A” or “B.”
  • Travelers continue to give JWA high marks for cleanliness of the Terminal and a feeling of safety and security within the Terminal. In the Telephone and Intercept surveys, feeling safe and secure at the Terminal is the highest ranked attribute.
  • The 2009 results reflect a continued shift toward leisure travel and away from business travel. In 2009, more travelers reported leisure as the purpose for their visit (56%) than in 2007 (48%) and in 2005 (40%). Thirty-seven percent of Intercept respondents reported traveling for business this year, compared with 42% in 2007 and 45% in 2005.

John Wayne Airport is committed to providing superior customer service and would like to thank the airlines, concessions, airport security teams and other airport partners for helping us to achieve and maintain such high approval ratings.

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