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The "Great Wall" in Concourse B

While construction on the site of Terminal C started this summer, much of the activity has been out of sight until recently. Passengers using the south end of Terminal B will surely notice some big changes have taken place. And when we say big, we mean BIG! We have nearly completed a new 22-foot high temporary wall that stretches the length of the concourse from Gate 1 almost to Gate 4 – more than 400 feet long. The wall extends six feet out from the existing wall and will serve as a barrier between passengers, tenants and Terminal C construction activity. To facilitate construction of the new construction barrier, the “Just Plane News Wall” across from Gate 2 can now be found on the west side of the concourse between Gates 2 and 3.

The "Great Wall" is being constructed  A photo of the "Great Wall"

Other activity in the Terminal B concourse includes the opening of a new route to the south commuter terminal where Gates 1A, B, and C are located. The south commuter terminal is scheduled to reopen for service in January. Similar activity will be taking place around the north commuter terminal, just north of Terminal A, adjacent to Gate 14. Access to Gates 14A, B, and C will be rerouted to facilitate construction of a new, permanent north commuter terminal.

We ask our passengers to bear with us as we work to provide terrific new services and facilities for those traveling through the Riley Terminal. If you have questions or comments about the construction or the overall Airport Improvement Program, please reach out to us at or 949.252.5273.

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