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Contractor Spotlight: PARSONS

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In the Contractor Spotlight section of this issue of new directions, Parsons Transportation Group is the featured member of the John Wayne Airport Improvement Program team. Parsons was one of the first contractors on board the project and is tasked with management and oversight of architect-engineer and construction agreements, which include monitoring, reporting and making recommendations regarding Improvement Program costs, schedules and budgets.

Founded in 1944, Parsons Transportation Group is a business unit of the engineering giant Parsons Corp., an engineering and construction firm with revenues of $2.9 billion in 2009. Parsons Corporation is 100% employee owned by the corporation's Employee Stock Ownership Trust.

The mission of Parsons Transportation Group is to help make sure the planes, trains, and automobiles of the world can get where they need to go. The company provides engineering, construction management, and maintenance services for infrastructure projects including airports, railroads, highways, and tunnels. In addition to handling large-scale building projects, Parsons Transportation Group offers expertise in revenue collection and management systems, communication and control systems engineering, and transportation planning services. It serves public and private customers around the world and has a local office in Irvine, CA.

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