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Sample of PARCS electronic signage

What passengers want most when they pull into a parking structure at an airport is to be able to find an open parking space quickly and easily. JWA's new Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) will help passengers do just that by providing real-time, electronic displays in the parking structures that advise passengers how many spaces are available and on which levels.

Currently, parking access and revenue control is provided by a 15+ year old system which services all Airport parking facilities. The system is limited in its ability to provide real time parking data, financial reports and space management. PARCS will replace the current parking control systems with state-of-the-art technology in Parking Structures A1, A2, and B2 and will also be installed in the new Parking Structure C.

Some of the features will include:

  • Parking Space Count System: Allows passengers to see how many spaces are available on each level as they enter the parking facility. Sensors allow for the new system to count vehicles entering and exiting facilities. Individual sensors located in ADA and short-term (2-hour) spaces will provide the exact count of these spaces to be displayed on roadway signage. The space count system will also inform passengers on the roadway if the lot is full.

  • Real-Time Parking Data: PARCS will integrate with JWA's Web site (, allowing passengers to view parking availability online and via mobile devices.

  • Pay-on-Foot Stations: Kiosks accepting prepayment of parking fees prior to returning to one's vehicle will be installed in Parking Structure C. This system will allow passengers to utilize the parking ticket or credit card they used upon entry to pay parking fees and exit the parking structure without waiting for a cashier.

  • Contactless Credit Cards: Passengers will be able to wave contactless credit cards, such as MasterCard PayPass and American Express Pay, at entry and exit lanes in lieu of inserting them into the machines, making for a quicker transaction.

  • Express Exit Lanes: Passengers paying by credit card or with prepaid pay-on-foot transactions will be able to exit quickly through unattended and dedicated lanes.

  • Ticketless Options: When exiting a parking facility, passengers will have the opportunity to exit without the assistance of a cashier by simply swiping the same credit card they used upon entering. This ticketless method eliminates having to keep track of a parking ticket while away on travel, reduces wait time at exit, and eliminates waste from disposal of the paper parking ticket.

PARCS will be installed in Parking Structure A1 later this year. In the coming weeks, JWA will join with PCI, the Airport's parking contractor, to help educate travelers about the new parking system. Informational posters will be placed in and around the parking structures and our parking operator will hand out postcards detailing the new system to visitors as they exit the parking structures. Information about PARCS and other Airport projects may be found on our Web site,

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