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JWA Completes its own Central Utility Plant

Construction of John Wayne Airport's (JWA) Central Utility Plant is complete! The new facility, located at ground level just south of Parking Structure B2, will allow JWA to reduce its energy footprint, conserve valuable resources and more effectively manage the costs of running one of the busiest airports in Southern California.

The Central Utility Plant supplies the Thomas F. Riley Terminal complex with power and with chilled water for the air conditioning system. The facility houses four natural gas-fired internal combustion engines driving a total of seven megawatts of electricity and two 550 ton absorption chillers, one 125 ton air cooled centrifugal chiller, three 750 ton centrifugal chillers and all ancillary mechanical support equipment. John Wayne Airport will continue to purchase approximately 5% of its power supply from Southern California Edison Company (SCE) via a 12kV feed. This source of power can be used if the Central Utility Plant service is interrupted for any reason.

Three 750 ton centrifugal chillers Three 750 ton centrifugal chillers Pumps that move the chilled water through the chillers Pumps that move the chilled water through the chillers

Because the site is visible to the public, the Airport utilized landscaping to screen the building and related outdoor equipment. As part of the landscape plan, all existing healthy palm trees located on the building site were saved and replanted around the periphery of the new building's footprint at the start of construction.

JWA Central Plant View of the Central Utility Plant looking North

Constructed with a state-of-the-art emission control system, the Central Utility Plant complies with all South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regulations.

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