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Improvements to Bring More Convenience and Efficiency

Aerial view of John Wayne Airport from the North Aerial view of John Wayne Airport looking South

More than halfway through construction, the shell of the new 282,000 square foot Terminal C has been completed and the interior is taking shape. More than 3,500 tons of steel have been erected throughout the building, including in the barrel vaults that help make the new construction mesh beautifully with the existing building. About 8,000 cubic yards of dirt were removed from the site and 12,000 cubic yards of concrete have been poured. Terminal C will have 36,000 square feet of exterior glass and 5,000 square feet of interior glass. By continuing the Riley Terminal's heavy use of east- and west-facing windows, the three terminals appear as though designed as a single structure and maximize the use of natural light.

Construction of two commuter terminals is underway – one on the north and one on the south end of the Thomas F. Riley Terminal. When complete, the commuter terminals will replace the existing portable buildings and will host three gates each.

Construction is also visible inside Terminal B where steel framing has been erected in the concourse above Gates 2 and 3. The frames will eventually be enclosed with glass providing a new secure corridor for international arrivals that will lead to lower level facilities for Customs and Border Protection.

Less visible than the construction in Terminals B and C, but equally exciting, is the work on JWA's new Common Use Passenger Processing System, commonly referred to as "CUPPS." CUPPS utilizes technology and multiple computer systems to tie together a network of kiosks located throughout all three terminals and will allow passengers to print boarding passes and check bags for any airline and from any location. It also offers the airlines greater operational flexibility by allowing them to process passengers from any counter and support flights from any gate.

There's a tremendous amount of activity going in plain view and behind the scenes. All of these projects, though, are being undertaken with the goal of creating even more of the convenience and efficiency that JWA passengers have come to expect.

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