John Wayne Airport Introduces New 3D Flight Tracking Tool

A new and improved aircraft flight tracking system is now available on John Wayne Airport’s (JWA) website. The web-based system is accessible to the public and replaces the previous flight tracking system. Developed by BridgeNet International, “Volans” is a three-dimensional software application with a user-friendly interface making it easy for the public to view flight tracks of aircraft originating or ending at JWA, as well as overflights within the surrounding airspace at any time of day.

Volans is a cutting edge tool that helps users learn more about flights of interest to them, including airline, aircraft type, altitude and flight track. Through Volans, aircraft flight tracking data can be displayed in satellite or street map layers. It features an address locator tool that enables users to identify the location of a specific structure, like a home or office, relative to the flight(s) being researched. Users can also click the “view from the cockpit” button to watch a flight from the pilot’s point of view.

Volans can be used to view real-time flight data or play back historical data. The playback function is helpful for finding information about flights during a specific time period. The tracks are displayed with a built-in 10-minute time delay for both security purposes and to allow the users time to log-on and track any flights they may have just seen or heard.

Volans offers three-dimensional aircraft flight tracks when viewed on a laptop or desktop.

Access Volans at

A screen shot of the new Volans flight tracking tool
Sample of the satellite-view user interface

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