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John Wayne Airport Announces Completion of New Maintenance Building

In August of 2013, John Wayne Airport (JWA) broke ground on construction of a new facility to house the majority of JWA’s maintenance functions. New JWA Maintenance BuildingThe Maintenance Building, which encompasses approximately 25,000 square feet, was completed in late March and is located at 3180 Airway Avenue in Costa Mesa, across the airfield from the Thomas F. Riley Terminal. Snyder Langston served as the design-builder on the design-build project. The new building replaced a more than 30-year-old facility located at the southeast corner of the airfield, near Bristol Street and Campus Drive. A portion of the existing facility will be deconstructed to make way for a new right turn lane.

The Maintenance Building houses individual workshops to support the many maintenance-related tasks that keep JWA running safely and smoothly. These tasks include woodwork, plumbing, vehicle repair, electrical work and metal fabrication. It’s not uncommon to see Maintenance staff out and about working within our 500 acres to maintain the Airport’s airfield lighting system, repairing seating in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal, or maintaining the Terminal’s electronic climate control system.

The building was constructed using a “tilt up” method, which took approximately 30 minutes for each panel to be placed, including rigging, hoisting, anchoring and attaching. In addition, the newest environmental technologies were used, including:

  • Permeable Porous Pavers: Used in construction of the employee parking lot, this system is designed to filter groundwater.
  • Use of skylights and light paint to maximize natural light and energy efficiency.
  • Use of specific plants to control water quality and water runoff.

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John Wayne Airport - Eddie Martin Administration Building, 3160 Airway Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626