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What’s Your Connection with John Wayne Airport?

#JWAconnects Commerce, Community and Conservation

Connect Commerce, John Wayne Airport, Orange CountyJohn Wayne Airport (JWA) announced in May a new program designed to demonstrate how the Airport connects with local commerce, community and conservation efforts. The JWA Connects program is designed to highlight the many ways the Airport connects travelers, residents, business and the environment in Orange County and Southern California.

"We very much appreciate the vibrant, economically healthy community in which we operate," said Airport Director Alan L. Murphy. "This program helps express our commitment to connecting this great community with travel and tourism and allows us to highlight the value JWA brings to Orange County and the surrounding region."

JWA connects not only business and leisure travelers with a convenient gateway to over 20 nonstop destinations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the Airport also connects thousands of people with jobs. From on-airport services, to off-airport business and tourism, JWA is an economic engine creating 43,000 jobs and contributing $6 billion annually to the regional economy.

Connect Community, John Wayne Airport, Orange CountyJWA connects people with many services that enrich the community. From college students and members of the armed services in need of a safe, convenient route home, to volunteers who offer assistance and provide tours in the Riley Terminal, to exhibition programs that feature local arts and culture, JWA provides a connection to Orange County's community.

JWA adheres to best practices in environmental responsibility and has been an industry leader in implementing policies that provide both sustainability and cost effectiveness. From water conservation and recycling programs, to alternative fuel taxis, to the construction of a central utility plant built to reduce the Airport's carbon footprint and generate its own electricity, JWA connects with conservation initiatives that help limit the Airport's impact on the environment.

The community, travelers and visitors alike are encouraged to share photos demonstrating how JWA connects them to the important things in their lives by posting a photo or commenting on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #JWAconnects.

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