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Exciting Changes at Southwest Airlines in 2014

For more than 30 years, nonstop service to and from Dallas-Love Field has been limited by the Wright Amendment which restricted most nonstop flights to destinations within Texas and neighboring states. The official repeal of the amendment signifies a turning point for the Southwest service and, on November 4, 2014, Southwest Airlines will begin nonstop service from Orange County to Dallas-Love Field.

"We are pleased to offer this new service to the Customers of our home airport, who have waited 34 long years, and we thank the many, many folks who made this opportunity a reality. Goodbye, Wright Amendment. Hello, America!" said Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines Chairman, President and CEO.

Also in late 2014, AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of Southwest, will officially begin operating as Southwest Airlines, complete with aircraft makeovers. JWA's current AirTran Airway flights to Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City will be operated by Southwest Airlines. For more information read Southwest Airlines' news release.

Lineup of AirTran and Southwest Planes


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