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John Wayne Airport Organizational Chart

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Orange County Board of Supervisors

John Wayne Airport is owned and operated by the County of Orange. The five-member Orange County Board of Supervisors oversees the management of County government and its many special districts. The five Supervisors are elected by districts to four-year terms by the citizens of Orange County. The Board creates policy for the management of the Airport. The Board also appoints a five-member advisory commission called the Orange County Airport Commission that makes recommendations to the Board for development, maintenance and operation of John Wayne Airport. Commission members have terms that are concurrent with the term of the County Supervisor that made the appointment.

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County Executive Office

The County Executive Office (CEO) is the corporate administrative branch of Orange County government. The CEO is responsible for providing leadership, vision and a knowledge of emerging trends and issues impacting Orange County. The CEO, in turn, supports and implements Board of Supervisors policy and ensures that the County of Orange is operated in an efficient, accountable, and responsive manner. The County Executive Officer provides direction to all County agency/department heads directly assigned to him, and provides administrative oversight to those department heads who report directly to the Board of Supervisors. In addition, the County Executive Officer also has budgetary oversight to all department and elected department budgets.

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Mr. Barry A. Rondinella, A.A.E./C.A.E., Airport Director

The Airport Director of John Wayne Airport develops Airport policy and administers all activities associated with the operation of a medium hub commercial airport. The Airport Director has direct responsibilities for five Airport divisions which include: Business Development, Facilities, Finance & Administration, Operations and Public Affairs. He oversees the Airport staff and the Airport budget.

Barry Rondinella is the Airport Director for John Wayne Airport. Prior to joining John Wayne Airport, he served as Los Angeles World Airports' director of operations. He previously served as deputy director for operations at Sacramento Airport and as airport director for Stockton Metropolitan Airport and the Santa Maria Public Airport.

A licensed commercial pilot, Barry Rondinella is an Accredited Airport Executive and a U.S. Air Force veteran.

Mr. Rondinella earned an Associate of Science degree in Commercial Aviation from Mount San Antonio College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.

Ms. Courtney Wiercioch, Assistant Airport Director

The Assistant Airport Director of John Wayne Airport assists the Airport Director developing Airport policy and administering all activities associated with the operation of a medium hub commercial airport. This includes the oversight of the five Airport Divisions, Human Resources, and Quality Assurance & Compliance, as well as the Airport budget. The Assistant Airport Director acts as the Airport Director in his absence.

Courtney C. Wiercioch has served as Assistant Airport Director of John Wayne Airport since February 2016. As Assistant Airport Director, her responsibilities include assisting the Airport Director in policy development and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all Airport activities, which include the divisions of Business Development, Facilities, Finance and Administration, Operations, and Public Affairs. These divisions are managed by Deputy Airport Directors.

Prior to her current position, Courtney C. Wiercioch served as the Deputy Airport Director, Public Affairs for John Wayne Airport from 2004 to 2016. Before joining the Airport in 2004, Ms. Wiercioch served as Director, Public Affairs for CalOptima, an agency that provides managed health care throughout Orange County. Prior to her tenure at CalOptima, she served in a number of other capacities with the County of Orange including Manager of the El Toro Master Development Program, Assistant County Executive Officer for Public Affairs, John Wayne Airport Deputy Airport Director, Government/Community Relations and Executive Assistant to Supervisor Thomas F. Riley.

Ms. Wiercioch has a Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine and is a graduate of the Coro Foundation’s Orange County Focus Program.

Mr. David Pfeiffer, Deputy Airport Director, Business Development

The Deputy Airport Director (DAD), Business Development, is charged with developing, implementing and monitoring all commercial real property contracts involving the Airport, as well as purchasing all necessary equipment and services to keep the Airport running efficiently. The Business Development division is comprised of three units, the Asset Management unit, the Purchasing unit and the Insurance unit.

David Pfeiffer is the Deputy Airport Director of Business Development for Orange County’s John Wayne Airport. The duties of the Deputy Airport Director for Business Development include full responsibility for planning, organizing and controlling business development activities including revenue development, properties, procurement and insurance.

Mr. Pfeiffer’s background includes concession development, concession management planning, negotiation of leases, and management of commercial properties which he obtained while working at San Francisco International Airport and Portland International Airport. Additionally, Mr. Pfeiffer has a strong background in developing and strengthening airport relations and in creating revenue generating opportunities.

Mr. Lawrence G. Serafini, Deputy Airport Director, Facilities

The Deputy Airport Director (DAD), Facilities, is responsible for planning, organizing and directing all aspects of facilities management and engineering for all facilities at John Wayne Airport. The DAD for Facilities is directly responsible for the following John Wayne Airport sections: Engineering, Airport Development, Planning & CADD, Maintenance and Information Systems.

Lawrence Serafini has served as Deputy Airport Director of Facilities for John Wayne Airport since 2001. Mr. Serafini's responsibilities include oversight of airport development, engineering, information systems, maintenance and planning and environmental compliance.

Mr. Serafini retired from the U.S. Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, Civil Engineer Corps.

Mr. Serafini has a Masters of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from California State University, Long Beach and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ms. Mariane Teschner, Deputy Airport Director, Finance & Administration

The Deputy Airport Director (DAD), Finance and Administration, is responsible for Airport finances, the preparation and monitoring of the Airport budget, the daily operation of accounting systems and processes, the preparation of the financial statements, and administrative activities and functions, including providing administrative support to all Airport divisions. The division is comprised of three units, Budget, Finance and Staff Services. The Accounting Department is an out-stationed County of Orange unit with dual reporting responsibilities to the County of Orange Auditor-Controller Agency and the John Wayne Airport Deputy Airport Director of Finance & Administration.

Mariane Teschner became the Deputy Airport Director of Finance and Administration in 2013 after serving as the Airport Finance Manager for more than three years.  Ms. Teschner’s responsibilities include oversight of airport finance, accounting, budget and administrative activities and functions; preparation of airline terminal rent rates and charges; monitoring airport cash flow and investments; monitoring capital improvement budgets and expenditures;  coordinating investor relations; and managing all aspects of Airport debt and bond indenture compliance programs.

Prior to joining John Wayne Airport as Finance Manager, Mariane Teschner came from the private sector and worked in various financial management positions (as Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, Controller, Vice President of Finance Control and Analysis) at banks and financial institutions.

Ms. Teschner has a Master’s Degree in Business Education and Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management from Saint Scholastica’s College.

Mr. Scott Hagen, Deputy Airport Director, Operations

The Deputy Airport Director (DAD), Operations, is charged with the day-to-day oversight of Airport activities by ensuring that John Wayne Airport operates safely, securely, and effectively, within the scope of strict federal regulations. Each day Airport Operations staff conduct Airport inspections; address the needs of all tenants, patrons, and other customers; oversee the administration of general aviation aircraft tiedown spaces; issue and track employee identification badges and other access cards and keys; manage parking facilities; and monitor the activities of ground transportation providers. The Airport Operations division is comprised of two units, Airside Operations and Landside Operations. As John Wayne Airport's Security Coordinator, the Deputy Airport Director of Operations also oversees John Wayne Airport Police Services, provided by the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) services, provided by the Orange County Fire Authority, and acts as the primary point of contact to the Transportation Security Administration.

Scott Hagen has served as Deputy Airport Director of Operations for John Wayne Airport since 2005. In this role, Mr. Hagen's responsibilities include oversight of Airport operations staff, as well as two major service contracts comprised of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting contract with the Orange County Fire Authority and the Orange County Sheriffs Department, Airport Police Services Division contract. Functional responsibilities within the Operations Division include Federal Aviation Administration airport certification compliance, Transportation Security Administration regulatory compliance, Airport contract operational oversight, Automated Vehicle Identification program administration, emergency planning and response, construction coordination, and tenant/public relations.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Hagen served as the Manager, Landside Operations at John Wayne Airport for over six years. He also served six years in the Operations Department at Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport at the start of his airport management career.

Mr. Hagen is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautics and is an FAA-licensed Private Pilot and Airframe & Power Plant mechanic.

Mr. Eric R. Freed, Deputy Airport Director, Public Affairs

The Deputy Airport Director (DAD), Public Affairs, is responsible for all aspects of government, media and community relations, customer relations and communications at John Wayne Airport. Public Affairs staff is charged with responding to media and public inquiries; serving as front-line customer service agents; coordinating Ambassador and Tour Guide volunteer programs; planning and organizing museum-quality exhibitions; disbursing information via the Airport website and Social Media; tracking local, state and federal legislation; enforcing the settlement agreement, educating the surrounding communities about access and noise issues and handling noise complaints. The Public Affairs division is comprised of four units, Access & Noise, Communications, Customer Relations and Public Relations.

Eric R. Freed is the Deputy Airport Director, Public Affairs for Orange County's John Wayne Airport. In this position, Mr. Freed oversees all aspects of JWA's Access and Noise Program, government relations, customer relations, communications and media.

Prior to his appointment as Deputy Airport Director in July 2016, Mr. Freed was the Manager of Access and Noise, where he was responsible for management and enforcement of policies related to aircraft access restrictions, and compliance with the County's noise ordinance and its landmark Federal Court Settlement Agreement between the County of Orange, the City of Newport Beach and two community groups. Mr. Freed managed the Access and Noise Office staff who are responsible for operation of the aircraft noise monitoring system, responding to noise complaints, and reporting and analyzing airline utilization trends for compliance with its legal and regulatory obligations. He has served in this position for more than 14 years.

Mr. Freed served in a number of other capacities since joining the John Wayne Airport in 1988, including Executive Officer for the Airport Land Use Commission, Manager of Communications, Manager of Government Relations, and Budget Analyst. Before his service at the Airport, Mr. Freed was an Executive Assistant to former Orange County Supervisor Roger Stanton.

Mr. Freed holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.