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John Wayne Airport, Orange County
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Key Provisions

Key provisions of the 1985 Settlement Agreement and the 2003 Amendments:


1985 Agreement

2003 Amendments


County of Orange
City of Newport Beach
Airport Working Group
Stop Polluting Our Newport



Phase 1:
April 1, 1985 through
September 30, 1990

Phase 2:
October 1, 1990* through
December 31, 2005

January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2015

Average Daily Departures (ADDs)

Phase 1:**
Maximum of 55
Class A & AA ADDs
No more than 39
Class A departures

Phase 2:**
Maximum of 73
Class A & AA ADDs
No more than 39
Class A departures

Maximum of 85***
Class A ADDs
for passenger service

Additional four (4)
ADDs for all-cargo



Phase 1: 4.75 MAP

Phase 2: 8.4 MAP

10.3 MAP (through 12/31/10)

10.8 MAP (through 12/31/15)


Not to exceed 337,900 sq. ft

No limit

Departure Lounge

Not to exceed 37,000 sq. ft. ea.

No limit


Not to exceed 8,400 spaces

No parking structure to have more than four levels

No limit

No limit

Loading Bridges

Not to exceed 14 total

Not to exceed 20 total

* The Settlement Agreement defined the start of Phase 2 as April 1, 1990 or the date of the opening of the new passenger terminal, whichever came later. As a result of the mid-September 1990 terminal completion, Phase 2 began on October 1, 1990.

** Three noise-based “classes” of departures were defined: Class A, AA and E with Class E departures being the most restrictive. The million annual passenger (MAP) limitation applies to the combination of passengers served in all classes of departures (“MAP Cap”).

*** Under the amendments to the Settlement Agreement, Class A and Class AA departures were condensed into one Class A category.