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John Wayne Airport, Orange County
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Settlement Agreement


1985 Settlement Agreement The 1985 Settlement Agreement formalized consensus between the County of Orange, the City of Newport Beach, the Airport Working Group (AWG) and Stop Polluting Our Newport (SPON) on the nature and extent of facility and operational improvements that could be implemented at John Wayne Airport (JWA) through 2005.

2003 Settlement Agreement Amendment In 2003, the original four signatories approved a series of amendments to the Settlement Agreement that allowed for additional facilities and operational capacity and continued to provide environmental protections for the local community through 2015. Click here for key provisions of the 1985 Settlement Agreement and the 2003 amendments.

Proposed Settlement Agreement Amendment Since early 2012, the four signatories have been discussing a second extension of the Settlement Agreement. The parties have reached agreement on the definition of a "proposed project" and project alternatives to be analyzed pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). For a description of the proposed project and alternatives, click here. For FAQs about the proposed extension of the John Wayne Airport Settlement Agreement, click here.


Notice of Preparation The first step in the environmental review process, issuance of a Notice of Preparation/Initial Study (NOP), occurred on October 1, 2013. A public NOP Scoping Meeting was held on October 17, 2013 to explain the purpose and contents of the NOP and receive public comments. Comments on the NOP were due by 5:00 pm on October 31, 2013.

Draft Environmental Impact Report Draft Environmental Impact Report #617 (Draft EIR) was issued on May 23, 2014. The Draft EIR has been prepared to address the potential environmental impacts associated with the modification and extension of the Settlement Agreement. To access the Draft EIR, click here. See Settlement Agreement FAQs for detailed information about how to access and comment on the Draft EIR.

Consideration by the Board of Supervisors The Draft EIR, including public comments and responses to comments, is scheduled to be presented to the Orange County Airport Commission, Orange County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for their consideration in late summer 2014.

Before any Project can be implemented, all signatories would need to approve the modifications of the Settlement Agreement provisions, and the federal court would need to review and approve any stipulation reflecting the approved amendments filed by the signatories.