Commercial Curfew Operations

The County’s General Aviation Noise Ordinance ("GANO") prohibits commercial departures between 22:00 and 07:00 (08:00 on Sundays) and commercial arrivals between 23:00 and 07:00 (08:00 on Sundays). The Airport Director or his designee may authorize a departure or arrival outside of the commercial operations hours for an emergency, mechanical, air traffic control or weather delay, which is substantially beyond the control of the air carrier. All curfew exemption requests are reviewed by JWA and must receive express approval in advance of the specific arrival or departure. The table below lists each commercial operation during curfew hours for the most recent month.

Commercial Curfew Operations - January 2014

Date Airline Flt. No. Time Arrival/
Pre-Authorized Reason Origination/
1/1/2014 UA 1075 22:08:21 Departure Y WX EWR
1/3/2014 WN 497 22:06:24 Departure Y MX SMF
1/3/2014 UA 1251 23:00:43 Arrival Y WX IAH
1/5/2014 WN 3044 22:01:17 Departure Y ATC OAK
1/7/2014 FM 1369 20:27:16 Departure Y WX MEM
1/8/2014 FM 1369 20:02:12 Departure Y MX MEM
1/12/2014 AA 2445 23:00:26 Arrival Y MX DFW
1/15/2014 UA 311 22:10:15 Departure Y WX EWR
1/22/2014 UA 311 22:03:46 Departure Y MX EWR
1/26/2014 UA 311 22:03:30 Departure Y WX EWR
1/30/2014 WN 3583 22:05:22 Departure Y WX LAS
1/30/2014 WN 2872 23:06:53 Arrival Y WX SMF


ATC Air Traffic Control
MX Mechanical
WX Weather
AA American Airlines
FM Federal Express
UA United Airlines
WN Southwest Airlines
DFW Dallas, TX
EWR Newark, NJ
IAH Houston, TX
LAS Las Vegas, NV
MEM Memphis, TN
OAK Oakland, CA
SMF Sacramento, CA